Mui Ngo Gai – what? Yes, I’ve been here within the past four weeks or so and yes, another Vietnamese joint? I’ve decided to give Pho a chance. If you missed my last mini-ish post on my first visit here, you can take a looksee here.

My dad said that Mui Ngo Gai gave him this feeling of being in “Baguio” and I asked him whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. He said it was definitely a good thing and that it reminded him of the Philippines. I could see that from the way the restaurant is set up – the neutral bamboo type colours, faux flowers and gazebo-ish decorations and a statue of the Virgin Mary up front.

Today I was with my folks and my husband. They have a great combo special, $8.50 for a small bowl of Pho, a roll (either salad or fried) and a can of pop. Check out my set up.

When our fried rolls came, I was kind of taken aback. First off, they use a different kind of wrapper here, and secondly, it surely doesn’t look too appealing in the picture. However, when we tried them out, they were perfectly cooked (even though they may look slightly underdone in the picture) and tasted pretty good with the spicy dipping sauce accompanying them.

Today I played it safe again, ordering raw beef, cooked flank, tendon and meat balls (yes I know I’m a scaredy cat! I should try something new!). I don’t know whether I enjoy the soup better here or at Song Huong, they come pretty close. The meet was plentiful here (compared to Song Huong), but the flank was a little dry and the meat balls were cut in half so it was basically one meat ball. The noodles were good, they were a bit over done, but its possible that it was because I was waiting for everyone else’s food to arrive.

My mom ordered the seafood soup, and she seemed to enjoy it. It had different types of fish and shrimp in it. She had her soup plain without any fixings – I was so impressed!

My dad ordered “Three Kinds of Meat” dish that was served with rice. It was barbecued chicken, a pork chop and something that resembled spam – but my dad said it was ham.  He too, enjoyed his dish. In fact, he enjoyed it so much he said it was worth coming back here!

Our bill all together for the four of us came to about $30 bucks which is roughly less than $8 per person. Sweeeeet.

They accept Cash and Debit here. You can also check out their menu here.
Ben from Chowtimes also informed me that they have a new location on Kingsway.


For what it is, the food is filling. The flank was a little dry, but I’m willing to look it over with the fact that my soup was packed with a lot of different meats.

Although it’s your standard asian restaurant, I think that Mui Ngo Gai has a bit of charm to it. It may be the fake plants and the other knick knacks of Vietnamese culture found on the walls, but it reminded me a lot of Asia and I have to admit, I kinda liked it.

The combos they have are a pretty decent deal, even without the combo, meals can cost less than $8.

I found the servers to be pretty friendly here and the food comes out pretty quick.



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