Craving for a burger and being in the Brentwood area, my husband and I decided we’d go to Whitespot on Lougheed for a good old burger. I’m sure there are many other options around like Milestones (love their burgers!), Fatburger, Joeys and the likes – but I do love that Triple-O sauce from Whitespot!

The only downside to WhiteSpot is their wait times, but today the service wasn’t to slow – besides, we were in no hurry to get anywhere.

I ordered the BC Chicken Burger which is a grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, relish and triple-O sauce with their endless fries. The portion is good, the buns are big enough to accommodate the massive stuff inside the burger and don’t detract from the taste. I found that the bacon was chewier than I like (then again, I like my bacon pretty burnt/crispy) but relatively, the burger is decently proportioned. I’ve never had the opportunity to order another plate of fries (since they’re bottomless here at WhiteSpot) because I’m always so full off my burger.

My husband ordered the Double Double which consisted of ..well…two patties, cheese, lettuce, onion, relish and triple-O sauce. He got yam fries instead of regular fries which are really hard not to steal 😉 The chipotle dipping sauce is mostly mayonnaise but it sure has an interesting after taste.

The food is usually consistent here. The proportions are big and the menu items are American Diner type, although once in a while they like to mix it up by adding “fusions”. When we were there, it was Italian fusions.

WhiteSpot has this old school feeling to it, it’s homely and you can tell it’s got a lot of history behind their name. I don’t personally think that they really need to ‘upgrade’ the look of their restaurants because it’s that nostalgic feeling that is one of the reasons people come back here.

For about $12 bucks, a big burger and bottomless fries is a good deal. I find some of their menu items (especially their appetizers) are not worth the price, but most of their entrees are fairly priced.

Sometimes the service at Whitespot can be dodgy. Today we were handed back and forth between two or three servers. They had consistency, but sometimes when we go, they must be really short staffed because we end up waiting to take our orders for quite a bit.

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