Aloooooha! My next review comes from a very lively and happening spot in Waikiki. Duke’s is a popular restaurant and barefoot bar located in the Outrigger Waikiki right next to the beach.

Look at our AMAZING view during our meal! It is no joke they’re located right next to the beach. Beautiful.

Brian and I had the breakfast buffet which is $14.95. The buffet ends at 11, so come early! The setup is very Hawaiian, bamboo chairs and fabric. Its a very laid back place – dont bother dressing up- most people are in their swimwear.

We also had friends – pigeons and tropical birds. Now before you go ewww…theyre actually not aggressive and just walk around.

At Duke’s you have a big variety of different juices to order (they also have coffee and tea): guava, pineapple, passiontfruit, orange and apple. Brian and I ordered the pineapple (right) and passionfruit (left). So tasty.

I wish I could’ve taken a picture of the buffet- there were birds walking around (and not stalking people for their food or getting into the food).

My first plate was waffles (mm my fave!),  bacon, sausage, Portuguese sausage and scrambled eggs (with salsa I put on top of it). While the food is continental, it’s fairly decent.

My next dish was mostly fruit- grapes, cantaloupe w/cottage cheese (you must try it! Its delicious), watermelon and guava. You bet all the fruit was fresh and ripe!

I also had their eggs benedict, it wasnt too bad but I added salsa to liven it up a bit.

Overall, Duke’s is a romantic spot, with a view as beautiful as theirs, it does make your breakfast that much better.

I did enjoy the many different fruits and exotic toppings for cereal and meat (salsa, coconut shavings, banana chips, etc). The buffet is decent, with fresh food coming out every 10mins or so.


Um, beachside. ‘Nuff said.


The breakfast buffet is decently priced, I imagine they could charge a lot more for their location.


Our server was friendly, always refilled our drinks and she was very helpful. She served us with a smile and was genuine.


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