Hungry and hesitant to make dinner, Brian offered to drive into North Van in search of Five Guys&a burger which We’ve been meaning to try for a while now. We had a little bit of trouble finding it (last time i rely on google maps!) but to save you a bit of time, its near the Keg.

When you walk in, it feels strangely more Canadian with its red and white diner colours. We were immediately greeted and asked if it was our first time. The gentleman at the counter then explained the regular burger (which had two patties) and the mini burger had one,the toppings we could have and also how the regular fries would be good for two people.

Brian ordered a regular burger and I splurged with a cheeseburger. We ordered the regular fries and the woman at the counter asked us whether we wanted it regular or cajun, we asked her what she recommended and she said the cajun. She then gave us our ticker with a number and we sat down to wait.

While we were seated, I was telling Brian how they had free peanuts and he went to help himself. Not too much longer our food was ready and we filled up on our bottomless pop.

My burger had a good portion of cheese and toppings- if there were anymore, I think my burger wouldve fallen apart! I was surprised that the patties were smaller than I imagined and flatter too.

That being said, the burger was still very fulfilling but became pretty messy at the end – I ended up eating the last bit of it with a fork and knife (what a princess, I know! :P).

The serving of our cajun fries was ridiculously big! Definitely could feed 2-3 people. Although i’m a big fan of spicy food, I found the fries more salty from the seasoning than spicy. They really pour it on. We didn’t finish our fries because it was far too salty.

This is the bottom of our fries! Yikes.

I think for the experience, it is worth the trip, the burgers are big but I think next time I’ll try the regular fries.

The burgers are good, the portions are big. However I find these burgers could be easily made at home- if you arent lazy- so its hard for me to justify spending $8 on a burger.


Great service. We were greeted immediately and the staff explained how it all worked.

Reminiscent to a diner, the space is bright and long. Its fairly clean and very simple.

Again, for the both of us we paid about $26 for our meal- seemed kinda steep for it.

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