What started out as a hike up Quarry Rock in Deep Cove, morphed into a Gastrofork post! We made it up the hike and I was sitting, realizing that I was still alive from the hike up (I scaled a freakin’ part of the mountain on a rope!) – I remembered a good friend mentioning doughnuts in Deep Cove. So, as I waited as my friends decided to venture on in the hike, I asked my friend where the place was located. The hike down was more treacherous than I thought and I fell and skinned my knee (*sniffle*), but when we came out of it – I was thinking about this legendary doughnut that supposedly dreams were made of.

It’s located on Gallant Avenue, within the block of restaurants including a fish and chips place next door. The outside, as you can see, is packed. The inside was even more packed! They have different items you can order, including croissants, muffins and I heard their sandwiches were good too.

The doughnuts are the specials here and they’re about $1.50-$1.70 per doughnut. The lady who served up was waving her hands in the air when she noticed I was taking pictures. Haha. Silly lady.

My friend recommended I try the honey and the chocolate doughnuts. However, today they only had the honey ones – and they were fresh out of the oven. I resisted the temptation to eat them right away and took them home.

The doughnuts are not your average ones. they’re about as big as a fist, and they’re dense and sweet. The outer part is crispy and the inside is doughy. There was just enough sweetness so that the doughnut wasn’t soaking in sugar. They’re actually really good! I could barely finish one! I don’t think you could have more than one, but I’m sure it’s deadly to try.

Anyway, I definitely think that these doughnuts are worth the drive to Deep Cove. Next time, I’d like to try the chocolate ones and maybe a sandwich! Totally worth the pain and limping in my leg!!

Based upon just the doughnuts itself, mind you! I don’t think there’s any doughnuts quite like it anywhere here!

Ambiance: n/a
This smallish shop is bustling but full of rustic charm.

$1.70 may be steep for doughnuts of the Tim Horton’s variety, but this isn’t your normal doughnut.

They had quite a lineup and people waiting when we arrived, but they went through it pretty quick and we didn’t have to wait very long.



The website is located here: Honey Doughnuts
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