Since Hawaii time is three hours behind Vancouver time, there were many early mornings. My first early morning (6am Hawaii time, 9am Vancouver) was spent catching up on the wireless internet in the lobby and checking out the local coffee shop, Kimobean.

The space is clean, with a gigantic television and a couple desks for wireless access.

The coffee prices were ok, a little pricey. I ordered the infamous Kona coffee ($2.75) and I asked them to put syrup in it ($1 extra) but he said the flavours they had were in powdered form and wouldn’t taste good with drip coffee. Ok.

So I ordered a snack- a bun with seaweed on the top, sweet egg and spam in the middle. I called it speggweed. Speggweed cost me $2.50~. It wasnt too flavourful, spam is usually salty, but asides from the sweetness of the bun, there was little flavour contributed by the rest of the ingredients.

The coffee was good, it was sweet and medium roasted.

The food is average pastry fare.

A tad pricey but I guess since its in the center of tourist trap central, it’s a given.


The service was ok, I was the only one there in the morning and he hadn’t brewed the coffee yet (even though they’ve been open for an hour before I came in).

Very clean and spacious.

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Check out their website here.