Leonard’s came recommended to me by a friend who said I should try the malasadas. Malasadas are Portuguese “doughnuts” with creamy filling. But before we get into the specifics, let me tell you about the bakery itself. The bakery is a bit dated- think New Town and thats what it kind of looks like. They make other bakery items: cupcakes,  cakes and other sweets. They also sell t-shirts, stickers and bags. Apparently they also have a roaming truck as well but during my time here, I didnt see it. Now the other thing- despite its ghetto appearance, this place is PACKED. I was right at the door and the line bent twice before the front, there was also a formidable line forming behind me. So we ordered several malasadas- custard, banana, chocolate, cinnamon and haupia (coconut). To be competely honest, we only got to try four of them. The custard, chocolate, cinnamon and haupia. The malasada is a thinly battered “doughnut” with a chockful of filling. It’s rolled in sugar and guess what? It’s freakin heaven when it’s fresh. Definitely try this out if you’re in the area.

The malasadas are the primary seller at this bakery and they’re great. I didnt try much else so I can’t say what the other treats taste like.

Kind of ghetto.

About $1.25-$1.50 per pastry and they’re fairly large and filled.

Service is quick, the ladies working up front are friendly and get things done quick.



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