We spent the whole day at the Polynesian Cultural Center and as touristy as it might be- it was well worth it. We learned about many different islands in polynesia, got to play ancient games, learn different crafts and arts, watched some drum shows, watched a guy make fire out of two sticks, watched traditional dances, caught a theatre show, rode on a canoe and even a lu’au! Phew!

At our lu’au there were four long buffet tables and a round area where they were cooking the Kahlua pig underground. This is after they took the pig out, but the embers were still burning.

While there were many standard items like salad, rice, fruits, fish and chicken, we were most impressed with the kahlua pork, poke and taro buns (pictured below). The kahlua pork was moist, tender and full of smokey flavour and the taro bun was so good, I’m going to try and make it one of these days at home. It’s a little dry so we had to add butter to it, but an interesting alternative to your regular dinner roll.

The Poke (which is sashimi style tuna with seasoning) was the best dish at the buffet. It was refreshingly cold (but not icy) and had sesame seeds and spices.

The food was good but the seating was squishy, we had to wait for servers to come by to order drinks and when I ordered a Dr. Pepper, my server brought me packets of pepper. I then just said, “I’ll have Sprite.” and she said, “Pepsi?”. Sigh. The lu’au show was quick but it wasnt so bad.


The food was good, every dish was different and interesting.

From seating us (a big confusion) to bringing me pepper after I asked for Dr. Pepper, it was a disaster.

I want to give it a better mark because it’s clean and the lu’au show was nice but seating was horrible because you were more than elbow to elbow with other guests and you couldn’t get up to go out unless the person besides you gets up as well.

Value: n/a It came with the package.