Odoriko’s is a Japanese restaurant located in Kings Village, Waikiki. It is owned and operated by Japanese owners and is considered a higher end eatery.

As you can probably tell from this picture, this place runs a bit expensive. A bento box for $30, most rolls start at $4.50 up to $24.50.

When we arrived we were greeted and seated immediately. They mistaked us for Japanese, which is kinda flattering and the server was this wonderful little middle aged lady who was super sweet.

She brought us water and we ordered hot tea as well, not your usual sencha but jasmine.

Check out the set up- these arent your normal run of the mill black/red or green/clay plate sets. We got an appetizer plate, a shell shaped soy sauce dish, a dish to hold our spoon for our miso and our miso was also covered to keep it warm. I didn’t take a picture of the miso but it was really great quality miso. It tasted like it was made fresh and not out of the packaging and had strips of egg (I think) in it as well. It wasn’t watery and wasnt too salty.

Next up, our appetizer- Poke ($10.75) which is tuna sashimi in marination (usually soy and ginger). Our Poke (pronounced poh kee) had cucumbers, onions, sesame and seaweed. The first time we had Poke was at the lu’au and it was a bit spicier then, this one was more sweet and refreshing with the cucumbers.

Up next was the Odoriko roll which had salmon, squid, avocado and tuna ($9.95). It was an interesting combination, but all the fish was fresh and didn’t clash strongly with one another. I found the rice to be a bit too soft for my liking but its better than being hard/uncooked. Also, the wasabi here was potent – you only had to put a little on top of your fish!

Brian and I both ordered the Makunouchi Set ($29.50) which had sashimi, tempura, salad, NY steak teriyaki, bbq salmon, pineapple and a bowl of rice!

Our sashimi even though it was small slices were so fresh. The salmon was buttery and soft, the tuna was chilled and had no fishy taste but both sashimi melted in your mouth.

The NY steak teriyaki was tender and had a slight taste of BBQ. It was accompanied by salad with that orange dressing they have at every restaurant but I was most impressed because the salad wasn’t watery and the dressing wasn’t orange but a ginger colour and had better taste.

The other “salads” were pickled cabbage and I think some sort of shredded mushroom mixed with seaweed. They both had a distinct taste to them but not enough to overpower the rest of the meal.

The BBQ salmon was also fresh, had very little fishy taste and had that slight smokey BBQ taste to it. It was moist inside but cooked fully.

I can appreciate a place that does tempura well. To me, that is fresh ingredients- like fresh prawn, sweet potato and green pepper (!!) here. And the second requirement is a place that doesn’t overdo it with the panko batter.

Here was the bowl of rice, our dipping sauce and my soy.

Our meal came to about $100 for two of us, but we were both so stuffed at the end of the meal. The place is great, friendly and the food is solid.

Amazing and fresh offerings, the bento boxes and specials are the ones to look for. However I think a la carte sushi rolls are a tad bit expensive.

The place has a great feel to it, its clean and more upper scale than most Japanese restaurants.

The boxes and specials are good value, but a la carte is a bit on the pricey side.

What wonderful service! Our server was super nice and struck up a conversation with us. She came to check on us regularly and asked us if we were enjoying the food.


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