Um so I dont know what the name of this place is because there was no signage with a distinct name. However if you’re looking for it, it’s across Aqua Wave, behind the busy udon place. <== ADDENUM ..walked by the directory board and it was listed as “Rainbow Sushi Too”.

I had a rice bowl because I was hungry, it was a spicy Ahi tuna don. Normally I feel very indifferent with tuna- but this hole in the wall had one of the freshest tasting tuna I have ever tasted in my sushi-eating life. The mayo and spices contributed to a creamy, spicy taste with the chunks of tuna – that had no fishy taste to it- that just melts in your mouth.

I also had to try their teriyaki spam hand roll. While not as good or as glamorous, the mix of teriyaki, spam and seaweed was delicious. I must try making it at home!

Brian had chirashi don, he was less enthused as he said he had better and bigger slices of sashimi elsewhere.

His tuna rolls were very fresh though (stole a couple from him ;)).

While I thought my food was really great- the tuna was very fresh, it lacked presentation and there wasn’t much variety either.

It’s a small place- we’re talkin two tables. I’m thinking people take their food to go. Considering they dont even have signage outside, it is fairly sketchy.

The price is decent for sushi- I feel though most sushi prices are ridiculous here in Hawaii compared to back home.

Service: n/a
It was basically a pay and go.

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