Swiss Chalet has got to be an (old school) Canadian East coast institution. I remember as a child when we spent winters in Toronto (I know, my family is nuts) – we’d go to Swiss Chalet nearly every day. My dad still absolutely loves this place and it’s a treat for us to go once in a while. A lot of people ask us what’s the big deal, it’s just chicken and fries! But there is a lot of history behind it in my family anyway, and from what I heard – my dad said he took my mom here on their first date! Aww! Haha.

Anyway, we all pretty much ordered the same thing this time we went, so it’s going to be another quick review. From time to time, they have a special which is a quarter chicken dinner with appetizer and a pie – which I think is a good deal, but this time I wasn’t that interested in getting the soup/salad and pie, so I stuck with a chicken dinner.

Normally I get the quarter chicken dinner but I was starving, so I ordered the double leg dinner which was less than $2 (approx $9) more than the quarter chicken ($7.99) dinner.

The dinner itself is the chicken, the side, a dinner roll and Swiss Chalet’s secret dipping sauce. As you can see, they give a mountain of fries. I always order the fries because they cook it in the same oil as the chicken – so the fries pick up that flavour as well.

The chicken is rotisserie so it’s slow roasted to be tender, juicy and flavourful. Plus, it isn’t as deadly as fried chicken! But really, the flavour has got to be from their special sauce. I have no idea what’s in it – and to be honest, up until recently, I hated the sauce but now I’ve grown to love it!

I love their chicken and fries, but I’ve had it my whole life, so I’m a little partial to Swiss Chalet. 😉

Swiss Chalet is very “old country” style – I suppose it’s part of their charm but to be honest, they could use a national face lift.

We were seated when we arrived which is rare because most of the time, no one is at the front. Our waitress was friendly and patient (as dining with my dad requires a lot of patience!). I think the service at the Lougheed Swiss Chalet is far better than the one near Alma (plus we didn’t have to wait 2 hours for our food to come like we did there!). Our food came quick, not even 10 minutes after we ordered.

You’re here for the chicken, if you get that (or the chicken and ribs) , I would say the value is good. For the salads and every thing else, I’d say skip it.


Check out their menu and website here.
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