When you think of the Keg, you think of slabs of mouthwatering meats and most likely, if you’re a guy, the cute servers. I always enjoy the Keg, but I find that it’s more of a place I would take out of town visitors or a place to go with a big group. It’s super cool that a steakhouse that started off in North Van in the 70s took off on a more national level.

This is going to be a quick review since when I went this time, I was with my inlaws and I tend to not do reviews out of respect to them.

We arrived at the Keg and were greeted quickly and given one of those round alien-like saucers that light up and vibrate when your table is ready. We didn’t have to wait long and our hostess sat us at a table, she noticed it was a bit squishy so she said she would see if it was okay with our server to place us somewhere more comfortable (which they did).

Our complimentary bread was hot and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I’m going to hazard a guess that the Keg bakes their bread in-house. Instead of slicing a small bun into several pieces, they cut it into four, like a pizza.

I ordered the 10oz prime rib, served medium rare with horseradish and red wine herb au jus (both on the side). I ordered their twice baked potato (I know it’s bad, but it’s SOO good!) and it came with shredded onions.

This is one of my favourite dishes to order at the Keg, but for some odd reason – my prime rib was especially more fatty this time around. I literally had a small mountain of fat that I cut out of it at the side of my plate by the time I was done. I know most people just eat it, but I don’t really like the taste of too much fat in my mouth. I am a big fan of their horseradish because it’s more ‘spicier’ than most places.

The twice baked potato is never a miss – soft, creamy and with bacon bits inside. Yum!

I can’t say I have had much else than steaks, prime rib and their salads here but from that, I can say the food is solid. I enjoy the steaks here more than many high end places that cost an arm and a leg. I was a bit disappointed this time that there was so much fat in my prime rib, but I’m willing to let it go because the meal itself was enormous! This is going to sound silly, but I like how their caesar salads here are consistent – most places you go, you order once and it’s made perfectly and then you order another time and it’s watery or has little flavour. The consistency put into their dishes really shows.

I like the style of the Keg, it’s got this warmish-dark tone to the decorations, but I feel that sometimes it’s far too dark to see what I’m eating.

I have never had bad service at any Keg I have ever been to. From hostess to server, they are always friendly, super helpful and unpretentious. Our hostess that evening proved that our comfort was important to them. This is the kind of service restaurants should always aim for because it’s one of the many reasons people keep coming back – and it’s not hard to be nice.

The prices are decent, they’re under $30 for a fair sized steak/prime rib/combination dinner.


Check out their website here.
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