During a rare sunny day off, Brian decided to take me out to Crescent Beach. Why Crescent Beach? Brian said he used to come here when he was younger – except when we got there, he realized it was the wrong beach or it had changed drastically since he was young. Who knows? Anyway, it was a nice walk, I didn’t take any pictures although I brought my camera because it was low tide and I felt uninspired.

He wanted to grab lunch around the area and even researched a place beforehand (aww!) – Beecher Street Cafe.

Beecher’s Cafe is a homely little cafe located within a handful of other restaurants on the same street. It’s home to Murder Mystery dinners – I’ve been dying to do one! Maybe I might have to come back and check it out?

There was only one person working during lunch time and she was polite. She sat us near the window.

I ordered the Blackened Salmon Burger ($15.00)which comes with either soup or salad, so I chose the caesar salad. The caesar salad had a great dressing, possibly made in house – and if not, I’d like to know where I can buy me some! They also interestingly put a dash of balsamic vinegar on the top of it to give it a crisp-tartier kind of taste. There was also proscuitto crisped (although I didn’t really enjoy it, I like my proscuitto as is though!) and this extremely long cheese stick.

My burger which had the regular lettuce tomato and onion on the bottom and garlic aioli mayo wasn’t so bad. I did appreciate the sweet blackened parts of my salmon, but with most burgers, I always find they cook the salmon too much – which means, it becomes too dry. Here, it wasn’t so much the dry part of the salmon, but moreso the taste of the salmon itself. It was very fishy for salmon. The garlic aioli and onion disguised most of that fishy taste, so it wasn’t too bad.

Brian ordered the Curry Chicken bowl ($15.00) which consists of seven grain rice, apple chutney, snow peas and red and green peppers. Very healthy for someone like him! His dish was delicious, I really like how they used different grains in place of rice and how every grain sealed in the flavour of the curry. There was a LOT of peppers and a generous portion of chicken. I kind of wish I ordered this dish!

Although my burger was a bit fishy for my liking, I did enjoy my salad and the garlic aioli used. My husband’s dish was also very delicious.

While this cafe is quaint, it’s got this Hamptons kind of charm, being seaside.


While most places you go, you’re looking to spend about 12-15 bucks on the same kind of dishes, I don’t personally think it’s worth it. I think the prices are a bit on the higher side and most likely that way because of Crescent Beach’s ‘tourist’ allure.


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Check out their website and menus here.