On our second to last day, we decided to try California Pizza Kitchen. I’ve seen it before in Seattle and in Las Vegas but never had the time to stop and try.

We were one of the first people for lunch at 11 and we sat on the balcony. They’re located on the second floor and the balcony is covered plus awnings.

I ordered an ice tea which I’m assuming they brew on premises since it was strong and unsweetened (which is always the best kind of ice tea).

I ordered the California Club pizza ($12.99) which is six slices on an individual sized pizza (10 inches!). It had tomatoes, bacon, chicken, lettuce and avocados. It was a little messy eating the pizza with the lettuce and avocados but boy was it filling!

Brian ordered the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza ($12.99) that was drizzled with tangy BBQ sauce, red onions and chunks of chicken. His pizza was soo good!

Fresh ingredients and flavourful.

Very clean and modern design.

It’s decently priced.



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