After a devastating loss in the Stanley Cup finals, Brian and friends decided to drown their sorrows in all you can eat Korean food, namely Kyung Bok Palace at Lansdowne.

Their all you can menu has changed a bit – you can no longer order the sweet potato noodles and they have more sushi. You still get all the appetizers (mostly pickled vegetables and the sweet potatoes).

Since I was with about 5-6 guys, they ordered a mountain of meat (and this was just from the first round – they went on to order two more rounds!). The short ribs are a good helping but all meats have barely any taste to it even though they’re soaking in soy sauce, pepper and hot sauce. I think they need to marinate it for longer.

This is a seafood hot pot that you can order, there was mostly shrimp and vegetables in it.

And the infamous seafood pancake. It was not too bad, being neither too soggy or greasy. There was not much seafood in it, slivers of squid and small pieces of clams. I would say for the most part, it was full of green onions.

I was curious with one of their rolls, the Katsu roll so I ordered it. Sadly, the topping (lettuce, cucumber and spicy mayo sauce) was the only tasty part. The roll was sticky and the katsu (fried pork cutlet) was hard and dry.

With so many hits and misses, it’s very hard to pin point whether it’s worth doing AYCE here. I think I’d pass and go for the regular menu,

Kyung Bok has a big space with plenty of room. It literally looks like an old school palace too.

Better than most places, our waitress was attentive, changed our bbq plate and took our random orders on a whim.

For about $22 per person, I personally don’t think it’s worth it.

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Check out their website (which only has location and hours and NO menu!) here.