I love Japanese food. All kinds. Whenever I’m introduced to a new Japanese place and it is phenomenal, it makes me so happy. Motomachi Shakudo is one of those places.

You might accidentally walk past this place, they’re located a little further down past another ramen shop you may have heard of, Kintaro. Instead of waiting in line there, why not try this little ramen place out? I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Most of their bowls of ramen cost from $9-$12. They’re known for the different kind of broths and big portions.

I ordered the Miso Ramen – as I like my broth a little saltier. The bowls are huge and so are the portions of ramen – I swear one bowl could be the equivalent of two of those packaged ramen you get in stores. But let me assure you, it’s not the same kind of insta-ramen. Their noodles are cooked just the way I like em – not too chewy and not too soft , al dente, if I can borrow that Italian word to describe Asian cuisine :).

The broth itself is not too heavy but deliciously sweet and salty. There are bamboo shoots, corn, green onions and a big slice of pork on the top of my bowl.

Brian orders the Extra BBQ Pork with extra noodles (I’m assuming he was starving!). I believe his broth was Shoyu based, and in his bowl was pork shoulder and butt. He said that the meat was very tender and fatty – the way he likes his meat.

On my next visit, I want to try their famous Bamboo-Charcoal Dark Miso Ramen, it’s apparently very nutritious for you but doesn’t taste like charcoal – which is a relief.

I have yet to find another place in Vancouver that can come close to this organic but flavourful ramen shop.


Maybe it’s a Japanese thing, but I’d like to see them expand into a bigger shop – their place probably seats 20 people – there’s only three or four actual tables and the rest are ‘bar’ like places to eat.

The portion and dedication put into every bowl of ramen is definitely worth it’s $10 price tag.


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