In a monstrous sized outdoor mall, it would make sense that they would have a formidable food court. From Japanese, Korean, Greek to name a few- there is definitely something for everyone here.

Well today I decided to have some Mexican food. For $8ish dollars I got the Chimichanga which is a deep fried burrito and three different sides!

The Chimichanga was big and filled with mostly beef. The beef was moist, tender and tasty.

The three sides I had were the cucumber and jicama salad, which was nice and refreshing. Pineapple salsa thay started to taste a lot like the cucumber and jicama salad and finally the guava salsa: just look at it. So delicious.

This was my pineapple coleslaw too…I’m pretty sure Hawaiians have pineapples up to their ears and have to get creative with it all.

What can I say? I’m not normally a big fan of Mexican food but this is Mex food done right. There was definitely a distinct taste to every side and the Chimichanga.

There is also a salsa bar that you can take as much as you need. The medium one was pretty decently spicy and tasty.

They also give you a side of guacamole and sour cream for the side of tortilla chips that your meal come with as well.

Great taste and portion!

Ambiance: n/a

Standard food court service

For $8, a meal plus three sides and tortilla chips-What a deal.


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