(Image from Vancouver Canucks Official Website)

So a lot of people are heading downtown to watch the games, but why not watch it from the comfort of your own home with friends?  Here are some ideas of what to serve during your party as you cheer on the Canucks!

The Usual Suspects:
Canuck Pizza from Hot Oven Pizza (25% off on game days and oh so good!)

Wings – you can buy a big tray from Costco and stick em into the oven.

Beer – make sure it’s Canadian brewed! 😉

Chips – try Hardbite chips – Canadian and delicious! Onion & Yogurt and Salt & Vinegar are my faves!

-Dark chocolate cookies, Reese peanut butter cups, Ding Dongs (do they even sell these anymore?) -anything pucklike!

Nanaimo bars (representin’ BC!)

Boston Vancouver Cream donuts 😉

Canuck-cupcakes – very easily made, just decorate the top to be green and blue! Check out Candice’s super cool Stanley Cup-cakes here!

-Green and Blue napkins, table cloths
-How about making your own Stanley Cup?

If you have any other suggestions, leave em in the comment section below!!