I think it goes without saying that there are so many fabulous places to eat on the Drive, but I never really noticed this place until my sister suggested we go here for an early Father’s Day celebration.

With a long menu of different types of pizza, we were all trying to figure out what we could share. But since this was a Father’s Day celebration, my dad got the honours. He chose the Sunrise Special and the Shrimp & Mushrooms pizza.

If you’re looking for authentic Italian, you’re not going to get it here. The pizza here is more similar to the Pizza Hut kind of variety in which it’s covered in cheese. But that’s where the comparison ends.

The Sunrise Special is packed with meat and vegetables, yes the cheese is a little overwhelming but, to be honest, I kinda like it that way. The crust is also more oilier than most places, which I prefer than dry and thin crusts.

The Shrimp and Mushroom pizza was too salty for my liking, but my parents both loved it – I guess being born in the Philippines, they do love their salty foods! I didn’t think there was much shrimp to this pizza and that they use the small frozen ones you can get anywhere.

If you’re looking to be stuffed for a whole day, I’d recommend Sunrise!

The portion is big, the pizza is cheesy and greasy – not exactly something you want to have every day, but it certainly is a treat!

We were the only ones at the restaurant at the time because we came a little early (before 5).

It’s got this old Greek/Italian look to it from ceiling to table. Also, since we were the only ones at the restaurant, we could hear someone playing their electric guitar upstairs.

The pricing is pretty fair for a pizza place, it’s definitely a step up from fast food/delivery.

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