I spend a lot of time at Oakridge as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, mostly because my parents live in the area. To my surprise, a taco stand opened up in the food court – Taco Luis. It sounded familiar and I had no idea why, so when I looked it up I remembered – the other location is in Lansdowne.

Today I decided to try the 7-inch special which, presumably (since I’m horrible with numbers!) is a 7 inch soft taco served with mexi fries and a drink. I was greeted pretty promptly and they made the taco right before my eyes, asking me with every vegetable and topping if I wanted it, and you know me – I always get everything on it!

I admire the place for being very customer friendly and having the ability to choose what goes into your taco. Also the ingredients are fresher than places like Taco Bell – I had cucumbers in my taco – yum!

When I walked over to my parents and sat down to eat it, I think the novelty wore off. The soft taco was fresh tasting, the beef actually tasted like beef but I felt like I was eating Subway. The guacamole was fairly watery so it caused my soft taco to be quite the mess.

The mexi fries were really good, freshly made and crunchy. It reminded me of my highschool days/diet. They also give you a decent portion.


It gets top points for freshness, but I think the guacamole and sauces are bit runny. I think they could also afford to put a little more vegetables into the taco.

The stand was clean and neat when I was there.

The girl who served me was fairly attentive, the man who was replacing the meats also greeted me and started my order. The cashier was polite and was nice when I asked for a container for my salsa.

Definitely one of the cheaper eats in the Oakridge Food Court and also cheaper than some other taco joints. My meal cost $5.60. However, the portion is small so if you’re really hungry, you’ll probably want to order the 10-inch which is a dollar more or maybe more than one taco.

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