There are a lot of trendy happening spots popping up around Vancouver – and let me tell you, this is not one of them, and that’s fine with them. They like their clientele and their burgers are still solid.

I’m talking about ABC Country Restaurant. Yep, you read right. We live close to one and we thought why not try it out one day? So on Brian’s day off, we decided to have lunch there. We were pretty much surrounded by senior guests, but that was fine with us. The waiters knew some of them by name, so they must be old regulars.  Our waiter was nice enough to clear a booth table for us and we decided to try their special hamburger menu.

What really intrigued me was that some of their burgers were served on a pretzel bun. Curiousity always gets the best of me, so I ordered the Farmer’s Cheeseburger. The toppings were your usual lettuce, tomato and purple onion and this particular burger was served with an award winning artisan Boerenkaas cheese from Vancouver island. Interesting. It was a very creamy cheese, but was masked by the tomato-avocado salsa on top. In fact, the salsa made my pretzel bun split, which kind of sucked. But, since it was a soft pretzel bun, it held up better than if it was a regular bun.

The burger portion is big, the patty is decent sized and they serve it with bottomless wedge or skinny fries. However after eating the burger, you barely have any room for the fries! I love wedge fries.

Brian had the Beef on Beef burger – also on a pretzel bun. Inside was a beef patty, Canadian cheddar cheese, pulled pot roast and fried onions with dijon mayo. Brian said that his burger was big but a little on the dry side.

I also ordered an ice tea which they served in this jar with handle, cute! Pop is bottomless here.

The burgers were big and they had a better variety than most burger places around this area.





Check out their menu here.


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