I’m always one to give a place a second chance, furthermore, just because one aspect of a restaurant may not be great, there is always a possibility that it may be redeeming in other ways.

Tonight, we decided to give Kawawa another try. We ordered from the ‘normal’ menu as opposed to All You Can Eat. A friend of mine (who used to be a frequent diner here) had the Chirashi Don the last time we came here so I thought we’d give the bowls a try.

The Chirashi Don (ordered by my husband) was approximately $15. A little pricey, I think for it – but it looked pretty full of sashimi.

I ordered the Salmon Don ($12), they gave about six slices (not too thick but not too thin, probably the size of a cracker). The sashimi was surprisingly good, a little buttery and not frozen. The rice was fresh but a little bit on the mushier side. They also give two sheets of seaweed.

Not too bad, but it seemed a little expensive for what it was.

While not the greatest, it wasn’t the worst. It was pretty decent.

It’s got a darker look to it with greys and dark/black bamboo.

If you aren’t doing AYCE, it’s a bit pricey – and the quality doesn’t warrant the price.

Our server was friendly and our food came pretty quick.



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