I have to admit I had to double check whether I already reviewed this place already, but surprisingly I haven’t. No 1. Beef Noodle House (a Taiwanese cafe) is located a short walk away from BCIT in Burnaby, and used to be our haunt every break time. – edit – I actually did review this place, way back when! Wow.

They’re open late too, so it’s a good option when you’re studying late or you’re looking for a cheap place to eat in Burnaby.

When we arrived (at about 10pm on a Monday) – the place was packed and noisy! I was a bit surprised. We were seated right away.

We ordered our drinks first – Brian ordered Peach Green Tea and I ordered Mango Green Tea. Both drinks were definitely from powder and not fresh fruit – and between them, I thought his was way better tasting. Mine tasted more green tea than mango.

We ordered an appetizer – deep fried tofu. They really load it with garlic – so it’s a bit of a treat to indulge and have garlicky breath afterwards! They get this right all the time – not slathered in too much sauce, the tofu has crispy skin but still soft inside.

I ordered the Crispy, Salty, Peppery Chicken with the noodles (you can get it with rice too). I always order this, it’s kind of my go to when I’m super hungry. Sometimes you can ask them to make it with wasabi and that’s even better.

The bowl of noodles is humungous. There is so much noodles, I can never finish it. The only gripe I have is that the noodles are way too overdone.

The chicken is served on a separate plate and sometimes they don’t give much, but today they gave a lot. I wish it was a bit more consistent, but I’m not going to complain. They were very crispy and full of flavour on the outside while maintaining the moist and tenderness on the inside.

Brian ordered the crispy, salty, peppery chicken with curry sauce on rice. The last time I ordered this, I thought it was made too spicy and I ate it but with a tall glass of water!! This time, his curry wasn’t so spicy. The potatoes and chicken were still crispy and not over done.

This place is CASH ONLY! Be warned.

Check out their website here.

The food is solid and they have a great variety of items to choose from.

Their sister restaurant, Beefy Beef is a lot better looking, but it’s not so bad here.

The service is good here, they take your order fairly promptly. Your food comes in a good amount of time. They don’t bother you until you need the bill.

A good place to have a meal under $10.

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