Save On Meats is a Vancouver institution. On my way down I was speaking to my dad on the phone and said I was going there – and he knew exactly where I was talking about. He even told me that when I was a kid, he bought some meat at the butcher side once (of course I don’t remember).

The homage paid to the old Save On Meats is truly resounding when you walk through the doors and take a look at the old signs and the colour scheme. It even has an old candy vending machine.

Their prices are also retro – $6 for a burger and fries, $9 for a rack of ribs? What is this – 1980??

I ordered the Save-On Meats Burger, since I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about it online. This was my meal. I appreciate the amount given – considering it cost me $6 (which is less than a overly processed McDonalds meal) with crispy (but not greasy) fries and a decently sized burger.

My burger isn’t of the supersized variety (I think we’re all getting used to having monstrous sized burgers, but I prefer a smaller patty like here) and is topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and a pickle on top. My burger was delicious, the burger patty was fresh and juicy and the bacon and cheese added the right amount of saltiness to it. My only gripe is the ridiculous amount of bun on this burger. You’d be hard pressed to find a place that has a good bun to patty ratio – most of the time the patty is too big and the bun becomes soggy.

I also ordered a Chocolate Milkshake, it was not too sweet and had a pasty after taste to it that I can’t put my finger on.

My friend ordered a Savory Pie served with mash potatoes and she also ordered a side of sausage.

Probably not the most appetizing looking, she thought it was okay.

Not the best food around town, but it’s decent. Definitely think Save On Meats is definitely big on nostalgia: the pricing, the sizes and perhaps maybe the prep and taste of their food.

Our waitress was prompt, recommended some things to us and chatted us up. The manager (I think) was also very nice and actually brought me my drink because I left it at our table when we were leaving.

You definitely can’t go wrong with the prices!

I like it, it reminds me of old diners. Kind of like the Templeton almost.



Check out their website and menu here.


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