I have been living in the South Van area for most of my life and I always pass this little noodle place, without even thinking about going in. I wish I had gone in sooner, because it is a great little spot for handmade noodles!

Their claim to fame is the Beef and Noodle in Soup and the prices are really good here. For a small is $5.95 (which is a fairly big portion) and the large is $7.25, which is probably the equivalent in size to that of a big bowl of Pho.

I am a big fan of the Crispy Salty Peppery Chicken, so instead of trying the famous Beef and Noodle – I just had to try this! My goodness was it DELICIOUS! They gave more meatier chicken than other Taiwanese noodle places I’ve been to and a slightly bigger portion.

My soup broth which I suspect was a mixture of chicken and some hint of beef broth was light and slightly sweet. The noodles which were hand made were perfectly al dente – the way I love noodles! – so they weren’t too chewy or too soft.






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