$12 bucks for a burger and a beer or milkshake? What a deal! I normally don’t drink too many milkshakes, but I just had to spoil myself this one time!

Depending on what burger you get – the combo goes up a little bit.

I ordered the BC Chicken burger (which is my favourite) and a chocolate milkshake. I love the chicken, its never dry and goes well with the cheese and bacon. Today I also decided to have sweet yam fries (fancy!).

My husband tried their new veggie burger – which is odd for him, since he’s basically a carnivore most of the time. But listen to what’s in this burger: Provolone cheese, portobello mushrooms, grilled peppers, zucchini, onions, lemon basil aioli in a multigrain bun. Sounds so delicious. The inside of his actual burger had one or two small slices of each vegetable, but I guess it makes sense, otherwise it would be very hard to eat a humungous burger.

The special has been extended till July 7 – you got two days to try it out!!

I love White Spot burgers!

It was a little busy, so our server was trying hard to be attentive but the wait time was a bit long.

Whitespot could afford to upgrade their look a little, I’m not saying they should go upscale and trendy, but maybe change up the upholstery.

Burger + Beer/Milkshake for $12, can’t go wrong!



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