I’m sure we can all agree that eating is one of our favourite times in the day. But it’s even better with friends! A while ago, two Gastrofork contributors- Liane and Adrian and I met up for a little catching up at Guu in Aberdeen Centre.

We met for lunch and – surprisingly it wasn’t packed. I have never been to this Guu location before, so maybe it’s just the nature of the location (considering it’s tucked away from the main part of the mall!).

Here’s Liane’s review:

Being an indecisive food-orderer, the idea of a bento lunchbox containing a bit of everything did entice me. However I decided to switch it up this time and order the Grilled Black Cod with rice; because really you can’t go wrong with Cod. (Also EVERYONE knows the best part of a fish is the neck and the head, which were the parts they were offering.) You also got to choose between having it seasoned with salt or garlic.

The portions were reasonable, I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of size because the times I do eat Cod it is already cut up into little pieces or I’m eating the body. I chose salt and squeezed a little lemon on top. The fish was juicy, moist, soft and the grilling really bought out the flavour. I expected it to be covered in coarse salt but surprisingly it wasn’t. You can eat the skin too if you wish, which I find gives it a creamier taste overall. The lunch came with a bowl of rice and it was a nice neutral balance to the richness of the fish. Then there was the Miso soup and small appetizer of sweet pasta salad, I found those to be typical so I won’t elaborate on those.

If you’re looking for simple lunch or just craving fish overall, I would recommend this lunch special. The only down-side was that looking at everyone else’s bento filled with all sorts of goodies made me go “aw how does that taste? What about that one?”

I also got to take a little nibble at the ebi-mayo shrimp Adrian ordered. Being a seafood lover it’s pretty hard for me to complain about shrimp. This was lightly battered in tempura and the mayo was sweet with a bit of a spicy kick. I wish the shrimp was bigger but the taste itself was quite nice.


Adrian’s Review:

Hidden within the walls of Aberdeen Center, I had difficulty tracking down this wonderful restaurant at first because it was behind another restaurant just past a narrow hallway. After a few texts, I finally managed to locate it. Once inside, I was greeted by the courteous staffers and I immediately sat at the table where Dee and Liane were patiently waiting. The restaurant was a decent size space and the decor and atmosphere were casual and relaxed.

As we sat catching up, I ordered the Ebimayo (as recommended by both Dee and Liane) and one of the $12 lunch sets. The Ebimayo was definitely delicious; it was crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. I especially liked the fact that each portion was huge. My favourite part of the dish is probably the spicy mayo sauce. Sweet, tangy and with a nice amount of heat, this sauce added a layer of flavour that screamed “homerun” for me.  It also came with a nice little salad. Two thumbs up for this bad boy.

My huge bento box consisted of many things I didn’t really know a lot about, but it looked good on the menu so I decided to get it (plus I was feeling adventurous that day). I guess me being super hungry forgot to take note of what I was eating. Anyway I had sashimi, which was really fresh and tasty. I also got some raw salmon and shrimp – raw salmon I’ve had so I was ok with it. Raw shrimp with the head and the tail on – never had it, well until that day. I must say, although I love shrimp I don’t think I like it raw. There’s something about the texture of it that I’m not crazy about. Maybe I need some time to get used to it. In the next section of the box, there was the rice, mango and sort of a beef carpaccio dish topped with seaweed. Loved the flavour of the beef carpaccio. I also liked the portion, just small enough for me. I didn’t try the mango – I guess I wasn’t feeling adventurous enough. The next little section contained everything else: the sushi, the fish belly, the deep fried chicken, some kinda egg triangle and the steamed bok choy. The egg triangle was yummy (although I think it might have been tofu). I love the deep fried chicken (well anything deep fried really. Except deep fried chocolate bars). The fish belly was quite moist; it was definitely tasty. I’m not sure what fish they used though, I’m tempted to say cod but like I said I’m not sure.

Good value – $12 for a huge bento box (which could’ve been good for 2 people). I was really full at the end of my meal and I was quite satisfied with what I got so it gets my seal of approval.

Would I come back? Absolutely. Although I think I’d go for the other Guu’s around town so I can decide which one I like the best. 3.5/5 for me.


Dee’s Review: 

I ordered the Chirashi Don which comes with a Mini-udon and miso soup. I also ordered my favourite night market treat – Takoyaki.

My Chirashi Don had the regulars in the bowl: boiled shrimp, tuna, salmon and they also included sweet egg, hokkigai (surf clam), salmon roe and not entirely sure what it was but I think it was pink fish flakes? It made for a very interesting texture and taste with the rice. The sashimi was solid and the dish was a lot more colourful than most places.

The mini-udon was very tasty and had several chunks of chicken in it. The noodles were cooked perfectly and the broth had a good chicken taste to it. I could barely make a dent in it because I was so full from the Chirashi Don (same with my Miso!).

My takoyaki came first and it was piping hot. The dough was fine but there was very little squid inside. I’m always happy to have takoyaki anyway, so this wasn’t so bad.

Speaking of being happy, I was ecstatic to be able to do a joint review – especially with other food lovers and I hope I can do a lot more in reviews to come!! Thanks Liane and Adrian, BCIT buddies for life!!






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