Long story short – we’ve been craving dim sum. With Brian working pretty much 7 days a week, it’s hard to find time to sit down and yum-cha (drink tea!). Luckily, he’s got Tuesdays off and his mom invited us to try a place in Richmond out. And guess what – my parents came along too. I always here stories about how inlaws don’t get along, but our parents get along just fine.

The place is called HKYK Seafood Hot Pot. So I’ve never really tried this place out ever – we always pass it and I’ve come to think of it as a Hot Pot place. But apparently they have $1.99 dim sum Mon-Fris from 8am – 4am. That’s right – you read right – 4am!

They have a ridiculously long menu that looks like yester-year’s highschool scantrons (Remember when C was always the answer to anything you didn’t know?). The trick though is the bigger dishes are of course, more pricier and the most common  – ha gau and siu mai are approx $3 a dish. Tricky.

Although the outside seems kind of sketchy – especially since it’s next to the now defunct Kim Ga Nae but the inside is actually not too bad.The inside is decent and quite big, the seating is colourful and moderately spaced out.

Our first dish was a ‘special dish’ – Fried Rice Noodle w/beef in Satay Sauce. Yum, I love Satay sauce There was a generous amount of beef (although the beef was kind of chewy and lacked any flavour) and the noodles were good but a bit on the overcooked side. Thank goodness for it being drenched in Satay sauce.

The Siu Mai was average, had more mushroom and scallop than most places.

Our Beef Balls were on the pinker and smaller size, but the flavour was fine.

We had sticky rice as well – this isn’t one of my favourite dishes, but I had a little bit and it was more salty than I like. I didn’t get a picture of it open! Sigh.

My dad is a big shrimp fan – he ordered deep-fried prawn with mayo on the side. Nothing too spectacular but pretty good since it came out nice and hot.

One of my favourite dishes is chinese donut in a rice wrapper – it was so tiny here! I’m so used to seeing chinese donut being massive but this was literally a fraction of the size. The flavour wasn’t too bad but the donut was a bit dry.

My parents also ordered hau gau but with scallop, I didn’t get to try it, but it looked fine. Our hau gau (which I didn’t take a picture of) was a bit on the dry side as well.

Surprise surprise, we also ordered shrimp in rice wrapper as well. The prawns were overcooked and the portion was a bit small.

Our last dish (which took the longest to make) is taro with shrimp salad and imitation shark fin (grr) on the top ($4.95). It wasn’t so bad, but as you can see the taro ‘nest’ has been overcooked – but it was the most tastiest part of the whole dish. The shrimp salad was mostly vegetables (carrots, celery) and one or two pieces of shrimp. It wasn’t so bad.

For the 5 of us, our bill came to about $45 which is about $9 a person – not too shabby for dim sum!





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