In Vietnam, do you think they have Pho restaurants – and if so, are they even more tastier than the ones here? I posed this question to my sister – and she simply replied, “They probably just make this at home.”

As simplistic as a bowl of Pho (fuh not foe) may seem – it takes a lot of ingredients to make the broth as I recently  found out when Brian’s friend’s wife was making it one day when we were over.

My recent Pho experience was at a one I used to frequent often during my night shifts at the neighbouring hospital – Kim Penh Xe Lua which is open 24/7 and located on Broadway near Cambie.

The owners are friendly, they remember me and my family pretty well since my sister eats here so often with my dad.

I usually order the Banh Mi since it’s cheap (less than $5 last time I visited) but since I’ve started to enjoy Pho more, I ordered a small #9, which is steak and flank Pho. I like the fact that there are three bowl sizes here: small, large and extra large (no room for medium!).

The steak meat was tender but I felt the flank was a little too dry. The portion of noodles – even though it was a small – felt like a large and the noodles were done so that it was still chewy and not too soggy.

My dad ordered flat rice noodles with seafood on top and it looked amazing, I’ll have to try it next time.

Since the lady must know my sister’s drink and order by heart, she also treated us to a complimentary soda water and lemon. It was quite refreshing after the big bowl of Pho!





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