True Confections will always have this silly place in my heart because throughout highschool – this was one of our Friday night hang outs. True Confections has two locations: one on Alma and Broadway and the other on Denman near Robson. My friends and I used to haunt the Alma one nearly on a weekly basis – because their desserts were ridiculously big (especially their tall cakes and their much too big cheesecake slices). They also have pies, tarts and trifles – so there’s a good variety for everyone.

This particular evening we were downtown, so Brian and I decided to try the Denman location rather than take the drive up to Alma. I’ve been to this location only once before, it’s always packed! Today we were lucky – maybe because it was the middle of the week or we came at the right time, but it wasn’t too busy.

I ordered my favourite Chocolate Banana Pie (which by the way, is one of the few ways I can enjoy bananas nowadays since I’m intolerant/allergic). It was massive. There was fresh banana slices on top dipped in chocolate (I didn’t risk it – so I gave them to Brian!).

The crust is so delicious- flaky and buttery and the chocolate banana mix was pretty good. There was no overwhelming taste of either – it wasn’t bland but it wasn’t too sweet. The whipped cream is piled up on the top and a bit more solid than most whip (which I like!).

Brian ordered the apple pie (a la mode)! Look how big the chunks of apples were.  I had a bite and thought that his apple pie was sweeter than my chocolate banana pie. The cinnamon brown sugar filling was great and it reminded me of the apple crumble I used to make a lot at home. It was served with vanilla bean ice cream on the side. YUM!


Clean, but could probably use an update!

It seemed to us that there was only one server for the entire cafe, which seemed a bit crazy since there was a fair amount of people there!

Most desserts are $5.95-$8.


Check out their website and menu here.
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