The West Broadway corridor is packed with restaurants – being central and easily accessible by transit, it’s a great place to check out some good eats. Today we’re going to be looking at Taste of Vietnam, located on the corner of Oak and West Broadway (near the ScotiaBank).

My mom and I were coming back from a doctor’s appointment when she asked me if I wanted to get some lunch. She actually recommended this place to me saying that she was it in the paper.

When you walk in, it’s far more done up than the majority of Pho places. There’s a lot of yellows, blues and reds and plants. The tables are clothed for a quaint Vietnamese restaurant. Our server is friendly and brings us our menu and two piping hot mugs of tea.

While I was tempted to order a Banh Mi, I was more curious to see what their Pho was like – so I could compare with other places I’ve been to. I ordered a small P1 which is Pho Tai (rare beef)- $6.95.

My soup was decently sized – thank goodness considering I barely can finish my Pho in some places! The noodles were al dente and the soup was actually tasty here – it was sweet and a little on the heavier side. One reason I didn’t use to like Pho was because I found the broth was tasteless – perhaps it was because I was going to the wrong places.

The only gripe I had was the beef. It wasn’t rare (which is partly understandable because they are sliced so thinly and then poured into the soup) – but if it says rare beef on the menu, you should have some pieces that are still a bit pink when it arrives. I can over look that but I could not over look the fact that my beef (despite the massive amount given to me) was all clumped together and dried up. Most Pho places have these ‘meat clumps’ but they have more than one – this was one giant lump. I spent most of my meal peeling the meat off of each other.

My mom ordered Combo L4 ($6.95) which has chicken salad, spring roll, 2 skewers of either chicken/beef/pork (she got one chicken and one pork) and fried rice. My mom said she enjoyed her meal, the skewers were actually decently meaty, the fried rice was interesting looking – she said it even had barbecue pork in it. She wasn’t so impressed with the spring roll, she found it to be a little on the soggy side.

My mom and I came around lunch time – just before the lunch rush and I noticed that most of the people eating here are from the local hospital. As we ate, the place became packed and there were many people who had orders to go as well.

When our bill came – so did a bowl of melons. Very cool.







Check out their menu on their website here.

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