Much like fast food, this is going to be a fast review. I got to try McDonald’s latest stab at new recipes – the Angus Deluxe. While I can’t say I’m a big fan of MickyDees (except their fries and their McFlurries!), I was impressed at how tasty the burger was compared to the rest of their burger lineup.

While it doesn’t look a thing like the picture (what ever does?) – the Angus burger resembled a Burger King Whopper very closely. With pickles, tomatoes, red onions lettuce and cheese – this was more of a burger you would see at a restaurant.

However where it falls short is the patty and the sauce (which I think is probably the most important part of the burger!). The patty is ridiculously salty and other than that had absolutely no taste to it. The mayonnaise was way too much for the burger – maybe they are overcompensating for the fact that the patty is so dry. If the patty was a little juicier, this could be a decent fast food burger, but it fell flat.