Well I have to say, I think I found my favourite bubble tea spot. The One (in Burnaby) is known for their ridiculously huge slushes but their food and atmosphere is also worth mentioning.

First of all, you have to really be on the look out for this because we past it – it’s in a little plaza a bit off Kingsway.

They have an interesting display of chibi pillows, not exactly sure why, but it’s cute nonetheless.

The dining room is chic, much like many other bubble tea places. Vibrantly red, dark wood and silver – its colourful but not too much so.

Our first order of business was ordering bubble tea. My bestest ordered Rose milk tea, she had rose petals at the bottom of her tea – very little bits. I had no idea that roses were edible – I thought they were poisonous for some odd reason.

She also ordered spicy wontons. They gave a lot – and it was quite spicy compared to other bubble tea places. There seemed to be a lot of wrapper though.

I ordered the Green Onion Egg Roll – which was literally an egg roll. Scrambled egg with green onion with a bit of a wrapper on it. It was a bit flavourless, but maybe it’s because I got the most basic one.

I wanted to show you how big this roll was though, so I plopped the chopstick right next to it for comparison. Wow!

I ordered beef onion pancakes, because these are probably one of my favourite things to order as a snack in bubble tea cafes. They were tender, had enough sauce and was generous on both the beef and green onion. Yum.

Okay so I ordered the Taro Slush. Look how big the portion is. It is literally two servings. I could not finish it unfortunately and while I was trying to finish it – it began running all over the place. The taste was great, it wasn’t very milky and taro-y. I felt like I was almost eating ice cream.

Brian ordered the Peach Slush and his was just as tall and tasty.

The only gripe I had about this place was the service, our friend ordered a drink and it was wrong and they came back two or three times with food that was not ours. Other than that, this place is one of the better bubble tea places I’ve been to.






Check Out their website and menu here.
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