My first Las Vegas post – of course it had to be on All You Can Eat Prime Rib/Ribs ($15.99)!

We were walking along, saw this and had to stop here. The restaurant looks newer and definitely has that ‘garden’ vibe to it – with plastic plants. That’s fine, I don’t know how I’d feel with bugs crawling around my meal in real plants.

They also boast 1/2 off pitchers of Margaritas ($10) which fill 4 big glasses perfectly.

When we were seated, we pretty much knew what we were here for – even though it was a little late (almost 10 – they close at 11) we were hoping they’d let us do the prime rib special. They did!

The AYCE prime rib comes with sides – mashed potatoes and beans. The mashed potatoes were extremely creamy, buttery and filled with garlic. I didn’t really like the consistency of the potatoes as it felt liked I was eating creamed potatoes more than real potatoes…were they real?

The white sauce in the picture is actually horseradish – but its cream mixed with horseradish. An interesting way to serve it, but I’m sure it’s cheaper this way.

The boys were betting they could do 3 prime rib slabs. We ordered it rare-medium rare and it definitely was fairly rare.

The slab was big, a bit thicker than a slice you would get at say, the Keg. However – don’t be mistaken because being bigger doesn’t mean being better (that sounded a little too suggestive!). There was a lot of fat around the edges and in the middle as well. While the prime rib was peppered, it had very little flavour meaning you would have to rely on the less than stellar dips given to you.

However given the fact that this was in fact an All You Can Eat Prime Rib place, I’m assuming they weren’t going for taste but more so for serving size.

I ordered a second slab but barely put a dent in it – as you can see there was a lot of fat (which I personally don’t like too much of) and they even gave me some mashed potatoes!

The portions were huge but it lacked in flavour and had too much fat for my liking.

Our server was friendly, checked on us and was entertaining.




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