I’m not entirely sure why the name is Revolver but I can hazard a guess – because once you have a sip, you’ve been shot right in the heart with possibly the best espresso in town.

I can’t say I frequent many coffee shops – I did when I was in college and studying – but do those even count? I even worked at the Bux for a good portion of my highschool and early college life. When I started working at the Bux, we had the old espresso bar that really relied on the barista’s skill, timing and tamping. But eventually it was replaced with automation to serve the masses by pressing a button. Back to my coffee story though, it’s hard to find a decent coffee shop that has the luxury of a manual bar and the ‘perfection’ of the espresso found here at Revolver.

Every cup served at Revolver is 12oz and hand crafted by one of the four managers (who happen to be all related). There are several ways the coffee is prepared depending on what you order and they use quality beans from San Francisco. They also have Coffee Flights.

On my first visit, I ordered a cappuccino. Not knowing what to expect, my cappuccino was handmade with no rush and with a beautiful design on top. I picked up the cappuccino and it had a good weight to it – it was not too heavy (which would indicate far too much milk and not enough foam). I casually looked around to see if there was sugar but couldn’t find any so I sat down. I took a sip and I realized why there wasn’t any sugar to be found.

Coffee perfection.

The foam was creamy and dense, the espresso was slightly sweet and nowhere near bitter like many chain places. It had enough espresso to warrant a genuine buzz but not enough to overpower the creamy foam.

I was slightly hungry and off to a meeting, so I wanted to grab a bite to eat. The barista suggested the Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin and it was a great suggestion. Dense, sweet only on the top and perfectly sized. Very good.

The cafe is long and narrow, with a great Gastown feel to it with the wood, brick and white paint. I love the seating, it looks like it’s floating when you walk into cafe. The cafe is tidy and the various glassware is on display. The cafe is very close to the office, so it may become a regular addiction.






Their website is still under construction but you can check it out here.
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