Buffet #1. I’m going to give you a tip when it comes to doing lunch buffets, a tip so graciously handed down by my dad- when the lunch buffet starts at 11, show up at 1015-10:30 and get the breakfast price. Wait about half an hour for lunch or load up on the last of the breakfast items. We paid breakfast price (without having to ask for it) for our lunch meal here at Wynn. Awesome.

Wynn is always rated one of the best buffets in Vegas and I can see why. With a great variety and a different twist to the buffet fare, it’s well worth the price. There are three seating areas – two inside and one in the foyer when you arrive.

The area where you arrive is beautifully decorated and reminded me a lot of a swanky garden. There was a lot of light coming through and I wish I could’ve taken a better picture!

The inside is just as nice, decorated with bright garden colours and Italian themed tables.

I love the whimsical cutlery as well.

The buffet is a long and narrow space, well kept and bright. There are so many options. The dessert area is encased in its own area (so don’t forget to check it out).

I kept getting weird looks as I was taking pictures, so I decided I would just grab a whole bunch of food and describe it to you briefly.

Plate #1. I stuck to the asian side the first round: vegetarian egg roll, vegetarian stir fry, seaweed salad, greek salad, smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers with crostini and artichokes were on my plate.

The greek salad was flavourful and served in a little glass, the best parts were on top (feta, olives, cucumbers) but towards the bottom was basically field greens that were still well tossed with dressing.

From left to right, I had a cha-siu bun, spicy salmon sushi, seaweed salad and kimchi. The cha-siu bun was dry on the top and the inside was moist but had very little flavour. The spicy salmon roll was very enjoyable – the wasabi at the station was very potent! The seaweed salad took me by surprise because it definitely had a more cucumbery taste than the ones here in Vancouver. And kimchi – one of my favourite things to eat – I enjoyed it here. There was a less ‘fermented’ taste to it.

I also had smoked salmon, capers and crostini (yes, I missed out on the cream cheese). The salmon is really good here, they give really big slices and it had excellent flavour to it. My artichoke on the right was good, but nothing too spectacular.

Plate #2. While I didn’t get a full shot of it, it consisted of pulled pork sliders, pork tostadas, salami, proscuitto, mortadella, more sushi, flank steak, mushroom risotto and a dumpling.

I love, love LOVED the idea of a pulled pork slider on CORN BREAD. It made the item a lot more substantial and gave it a real “USA” feel to it. Unfortunately the execution of it wasn’t as great as the idea. The pulled pork was overwhelmed by coleslaw and had very little flavour to it. I ended up eating mostly the corn bread.

Pork Tostadas- after being disappointed with the pulled pork on my slider, I was sad to find that they used the same pulled pork in the tostada. The baked nacho with pulled pork topped with lettuce, salsa and tomatoes reminded me of home (La Taqueria) but definitely didn’t have the same great taste.

My cold cut slices were great, nothing to write home about but very good. The mortadella had pimentos in it too.

The flank steak was cooked perfectly and was tender with very little fat. It was marinated in kalbi sauce.

A close up of the sushi, it’s a bit small but I think it’s better that way for buffet dining. The dumpling was good – tender and had great flavour in the pork and chives. The mushroom risotto was a little too thick for my liking but had amazing flavour locked into the mushrooms.

Speaking of mushrooms, my bestie suggested I try the soup of the day. Mushroom soup. This isn’t you’re ordinary Campbell’s soup! The melody of different mushrooms that were in the bowl made the soup more hearty and gave it a better texture. Fantastic! I wanted more but didn’t want to fill up on just soup!

Okay, DESSERT TIME! I was saying to my friends that the dessert table makes or breaks my experience at a buffet..while I was half joking, dessert is a very important part of my meal!

They had these great little marshmallow pops dipped in chocolate and white chocolate. I thought they were cake pops at first, but when I found out they were marshmallow, I paused and didn’t try one (my dentist is going to have a field day with me on Saturday). They also have these candied apples. Yum.

Dessert Plate #1. They had an assortment of different cupcakes, one was red velvet, vanilla and chocolate. I paused trying to figure out which one I wanted to try. The red velvet mini cupcake had glitter on it so I went for that one and I took the vanilla with sprinkles as well. The red velvet cupcake is cute, the cream cheese frosting is dense and sweet and the red velvet cake is good – it’s a little too dry.

I also had the rice crispy square dipped in chocolate (they also had one dipped in white chocolate), spiced cake, madeline, profiterole, chocolate mousse cake and some watermelon. The rice crispy square on the chocolate side was delicious – I think they used dark, rich chocolate. The spiced cake was good, very different tasting, but perfect for the fall. The madeline was fine, lemony but a little big in portion.

The second mini cupcake I had was vanilla with buttercream frosting (and sprinkles- AHH!). Again, nothing really that special but very cute. Next to it was the chocolate mousse cake, it was decadent.

My profiterole was probably my favourite dessert, it was one big giant cream puff with deliciously tasting cream (AND custard).

I love how they plate the desserts and other items here – but really, it takes up a lot of space on the plate (which is not exactly a big plate to begin with). This means either more trips or less food to be eaten!





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