A local institution situated on Commercial and Broadway, Uncle Fatih’s serves up a good pizza on the go. This was my first time here although I’ve been told so many times by people who live and thrive around the Drive to check it out.

For two slices is $4.99, which may seem ludicrous to you, but pizza prices have been going up. Do you remember the days when big sloppy pizza slices were 79 cents on Granville? It may not be gourmet pizza but it’s a decent and fulfilling meal!

Anyway, I think that $4.99 for two slices is fair here at Uncle Fatih’s because of the amount of toppings they put on their pizza. By the way, if you want your pizza boxed up it’s an extra 50 cents for the box (which is probably best for the environment).

I ordered two slices – the bottom one was a chicken pizza and the top, a vegetarian.  When I ordered both – the guy at the counter asked me if I wanted it on separate plates which was nice, seeing as many other places don’t put two and two together that their patrons may be vegetarian.

The chicken pizza had a fair amount of chicken, diced peppers, sesame seeds, parsley and a good amount of cheese and sauce. What I like about the pizza here is that they pack the toppings on but the crust is not soggy from the weight. The crust is not oily either. There was definitely a good taste to the pizza with the ingredients – better than most fast food pizza places.

My second pizza which was the vegetarian one was very good. It had red peppers, spinach, artichokes, onions, olives and sesame. I’m a huge fan of artichokes and when I can get a lot of it on my pizza, I’m a happy gastroforker.

Brian ordered two pizzas as well (of course with meat on it!) – one on the left had diced peppers, onions, sausage and pepperoni. The one on the right was a little like my chicken pizza but with banana peppers – wait what? Why didn’t I see this? I love banana peppers.

Uncle Fatih’s is always busy and there are maybe two small tables to sit in, so it’s best to dip in for a pizza and take it to go. They take Debit and Cash.

While this isn’t gourmet pizza, in comparison to many to-go pizza places, this has got to be by far one of my favourite places. The toppings and the taste is great.

We must have come at a good time because there was no lineup and we were served promptly and they were friendly.

Pizza always seems to be overvalued when you really think about how much goes into a pizza. That being said, I think the prices here are decent and I’d rather pay for the prices here than go up the block to the Fresh Slice for the taste.

It’s a little on the sketchier side, but the serving area is fairly clean.


Check out their website here.
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