Black+Blue Opening Party

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for Black + Blue several weeks ago. The restaurant is chic with its crazy lantern display in the centre under it’s 360 degree bar. They’ve got a meat locker fully displayed and the booths are made of smooth dark leather.

The restaurant is a bit darker – as it seems is the case for many steak places – is there some specific reason why or purely for ambiance purposes? There was a beef hip carving station – I have never seen a bigger slab of meat in my entire life. What they were serving up was buttery and tender. Delicious.

When we arrived (about half an hour early) we were handed French Martinis which were sweet and light tasting – my only concern was the amount of ice in these martinis!

Brian and I found a place to sit because the restaurant started filling up. They were passing out sliders that were literally the size of a quarter, some rare beef (that kind of had the texture and look of ground beef) but tasted great, buttered prawns and lobster bisque in espresso cups.

As the place started to get packed, less food was seen circulating or there were doubles. The bar area was packed and we were not allowed to venture up to the second floor to take a look.

I’d like to come back to Black + Blue for a sit down dinner , their selection of different meats sounds incredible but I think that the launch party could’ve been planned a little bit better. There was absolutely no way you could move around in that place opening night, it took Brian and myself half an hour to get to the door to leave!