After an early morning meeting and throwing some ideas back and forth, Dennis (aka Mr. #HungerPangs) suggested we go for some sushi for lunch. I have to be honest, I’m not that familiar with Gastown asides from the obvious ‘touristy’ restaurants. But it seems I will become more acquainted with Gastown with the office being in the heart of it.

MoMo Sushi is a quaint spot in the Landing Building. It’s got the Gastown charm with seating going under ground but also the comfort of a Japanese restaurant with sturdy wooden tables and comfortable chairs.

We ordered Spicy Tuna Roll, Chopped Scallop Roll, Dynamite Roll and Salmon Sashimi.

The Salmon Sashimi slices are ridiculously big here. It’s fresh, buttery and has good flavour. I love how there is some seaweed salad plopped in the middle – I am a big fan of seaweed salad.

The Chopped Scallop Roll should be called cucumber rolls with copious amounts of chopped scallop on top. I’m normally not a big fan of chopped scallop because of the fishy taste in most restaurants – but here the flavour is good. There is no distinct fishy taste to it and its well tossed in mayo but not overly done.

Up next was the Spicy Tuna Roll – these are massive. I haven’t seen bigger spicy tuna rolls anywhere. They also put a healthy portion of tuna and just the right amount of spice that doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the roll.

Finally, our Dynamite roll. Interestingly enough, there is some yam tempura in this roll, so it gave the roll a sweeter taste to it. The amount of imitation crab meat was good and not too creamy.

Between the both of us, we paid about $35 for our meal in which we were both pretty stuffed. This is a decent place to grab some sushi but either come early or later in the day because this place can get very packed!






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