To be honest, I’ve been sitting on this review. When I love a place, it’s really hard to do it justice through words alone. Such a place exists in the form of Thierry, the Chocolate Patisserie on Alberni street.

While stereotypically speaking, women love chocolate – I’d like to say that I can really appreciate well made chocolate. We’re very fortunate to have such great places to get chocolate around Vancouver, but to add a fabulous French chocolate patisserie into the mix – that’s something special. I went to Thierry’s on three separate occasions and I’d like to share my experience with you.

First of all, their small cafe is very chic, clean and has a great earthy feel to it (a la wood panels, and this great big wooden door!). From left to right, they have their bigger cakes, individual cakes, chocolates, macarons, pastry and bar area.

There is a round table in the middle of packaged goods like Madelines, boxed chocolates and recipe books.

Alright, now onto the deliciousness that is their desserts! My first encounter was a sneaky suggestion to my husband that since we were down here for the Black + Blue launch party, that we should probably try Thierry.

That evening, it wasn’t too busy and we ordered the Chocolate Succe, the Chocolate Tart, some macarons and a ‘liquid hot chocolate’.

The Chocolate Succe is described as a ‘hazelnut meringue chocolate mousse with 70% ganache”. The cake is encased in a very hard chocolate cover, it was a bit difficult to get into but the inside was a variety of interesting textures. The meringue was crispy and flaky and right in the middle was the chocolate ganache which was not too sweet. Brian enjoyed this one more than the chocolate tart because it wasn’t as sweet.

The Chocolate Tart-my god it was a slice of heaven! The crust is buttery and not flaky and the chocolate in the tart is completely decadent – creamy and very chocolatey. I was already full about half way in, what a great treat!

Brian also ordered a liquid hot chocolate to go which comes in a 8oz (I think) cup. I had a little and it was intensely rich, I couldn’t have more than one or two sips. It could be a dessert in itself.

While he was ordering the hot chocolate to go, he picked me up some macarons. I can’t remember all the macarons but the ones I do remember were the Gianduja, Cranberry Pistachio and Coffee.

One bite into these pillowy soft macarons is enough to get a person hooked. They’re a bit bigger than most places that make macarons so you can really get the fluffy texture of the meringue and the creamy flavour of the ganache in the middle. I describe it as, biting into heaven 🙂

The next time I came through was when I had lunch with my friend and fellow Gastroforker, Liane. The one item that we tried that was new was the Black Forest Cake. Clearly not your typical grocery store black forest, this dense cake has the taste of cherry liqueur soaked into its bottom half – but not so much so that it’s too much but very filling.

Finally the most recent visit was with my girl friends on my birthday.

Sylvia ordered the Chocolate Trio- white, milk and dark chocolate with a hint of alcohol. Fantastic and dense cake!

Nicole ordered the Apricot Pastry and a Chestnut Macaron as well.

I ordered the Chocolate Praline which had a crunchy praline topping and a great flavour of hazelnut throughout the cake. The only downside to this cake was it was a little lopsided and was ‘melting’ about half way through it.7

All in all, I think Thierry is one of my favourite dessert spots in the city and while some nights and even lunches they seem to be busy, it’s definitely worth the trip to try out these wonderful desserts.

Bon appetite!







Check out their website here.
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