(Photography Done by Nathalie dlS)

A recent Arts graduate from the Emily Carr University, Nathalie has explored many of the quick, decently priced cafes and restaurants. If she’s not in production meetings, working on a photography set or enjoying vintage shopping, she’s out eating delicious food. Nathalie is a quirky, fun and intelligent individual  – one that I’m proud to call my sister.

She’s done the videography for Gastrofork’s CookShow and for that I’m so grateful!! Please check out her work and website here!

These are Nathalie’s Top 5 Places under $10:

1. Kim Penh Xe Lua (Cambie, near Broadway). I order the #19 which is chicken and beef Pho. It’s really big, filling and only $6.99, the service is also really fast.
Kim Penh Xe Lua on Urbanspoon

2. Bon’s Off Broadway (2451 Nanaimo St)- $3.99 breakfast all day, its like what you get at Denny’s but not for a retarded price.
Bon's Off Broadway on Urbanspoon

3. Hawker’s Delight (Main and King Edward) -$5 for Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine. Chicken curry is great ($5.75). You can eat in but you have to walk through the kitchen to get the bathroom.
Hawker's Delight on Urbanspoon

4. Melriches Coffee (Davie St) – The sandwiches are really good, a bit pricey but for downtown it’s a good coffee shop that’s a really good virtual office.
Melriches Coffee House on Urbanspoon

5.New Town Bakery (Chinatown) – Their $6 dinner menu and their buns are delicious but it’s cash only. I like curry beef brisket or pineapple coconut bun.  Terrible english, great food.
New Town Bakery & Restaurant 新城餅家餐室 (華埠) on Urbanspoon