When it comes to sweets, I’m an equal opportunist. Two of my favourite places in Las Vegas for sweets have completely different pricing, items and style. Yet, it seems that I can’t get enough of either places.

Krispy Kremes. How they make these bundle of joys, I will never know. The soft doughy interior paired with the glazed goodess and sprinkles (this time, Halloween themed!) is just fantastic. You’d be hard pressed to find a similar doughnut.

They really get into the Halloween vibe with different designs, including Jack o’Lantern cream filled doughnuts. Krispy Kremes can be found in most of the ‘family oriented’ hotels and down the strip. I suggest going to Excalibur because they make them fresh there (as opposed to the drug stores that get them in once a day and most likely in the morning).

Jean Philippe Patisserie. In the wonderfully whimsical and future forward hotel Aria, you’ll find this cafe tucked away within the casino. Jean-Philippe has been the executive pastry chef for Bellagio for 11 years and made the switch over to Aria.

The attention to detail that goes into every pastry, cake, sandwich and crepe is a sign of true passion. Check out the Salmon Sphere (a salad beautifully shaped as a flower).The prices are a little high but still affordable, and definitely worth the price tag.

We were on our way to a buffet so I couldn’t stop here to have a bite, so I grabbed a chocolate croissant for later. Heaven! The croissant was soft and buttery with a great, rich chocolatey inside.

If and when I head back to Vegas, this is on my To-Eat list!
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