At last, at LAST I got to try this place out. Long story short, I was tagging along for a meeting with my friend, Brendan. When he asked me if I wanted to get lunch somewhere around Steveston, I told him about this place and he was sold.

After the quick meeting at Starbucks, we headed over. A very courteous woman led us to our seats. The wood and the checkered table tops really gives this place that “BBQ joint” kind of charm and the garage-like windows is great for people watching.

A couple minutes after mulling over what we should order, Brendan suggested we order the Jurassic platter ($50). Damn, it was going to be one of those kinda lunches. Never backing down from a challenge – I agreed. Our server brought us a big pail – for our bones!

In the Jurassic platter you have a healthy portion of baby back ribs, St. Louis side ribs, Dino Ribs and Chicken Quarters. And that’s just the meat. You get four sides. We ordered yam fries, potato wedges and two servings of corn bread (I love my cornbread!).

When our feast came – it was massive! I started off with the chicken: crispy skin and just enough sauce on the outside while the inside was juicy. My next choice was the St. Louis side ribs. Did you know in St. Louis they consume the most bbq sauce than the country combined? Crazy. Anyway, it was so full of flavour and tender on the inside.

Brendan and I agreed our favourite was the Dino Bones – these massive bones with tender-fall-off-the-bone meat smoked to perfection.

The baby back ribs which we left last were a bit drier than the rest of the meats, but at this point I was just too full to eat anymore.

Our “carbs” platter was a pile of delicious deep fried goodness. The yam fries were crispy and seasoned and the mayo served with it packed some bite. The cornbread was soft, solid and was excellent with the butter provided.

John, the owner and chef of the Hogshack came out to greet us and chat. He was telling us that the meats are smoked in-house throughout the day and that he was planning on adding some interesting things to the menu. More specifically, beer infused items!

I’ve been chatting back and forth with him on Twitter and he’s a great guy. He even said he’d smoke some spam (one of my favourite things to eat) the next time we’re in. I would definitely come back for that, the Burnt Ends and possibly to watch my friends take on the Flatline Burger challenge (if you can eat this monstrosity in 5 minutes -it’s free!).






Check out their menu – including the Flatline Burger –here.
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