When my friend Adrian texted me a couple days ago asking if I wanted to come along with him to the Jay-Z & Kanye West concert, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I was near tears because I really wanted to see this show but at the time didn’t have the moola for these expensive tickets.

After one of the best concerts I’ve been to – it was almost midnight and we were both starving. We were trying to figure out where we could go for some late night grub that wasn’t McDonalds or Burger King, so I suggested we head over to Yaletown.

Adrian had mentioned a place called Hub, which is located right across the Canadaline station. It was chilly so we were both crossing our fingers that they were still open – and they were!

We were seated immediately and since we were both starving and the place was going to be closing in 40 minutes – we ordered right away.

Adrian went for the Crab Mac n’Cheese with a side salad. The description on the menu was “gruyere, parmesan and aged cheddar”. I had a bite and you can definitely taste the gruyere’s creaminess and interesting taste. They used the corkscrew macaroni rather than the elbow kind. I like the corkscrew macaroni better because I think it locks in the flavour better. The only complaint I heard from Adrian was, “Wheres the crab?”.

I ordered the Classic Burger with a side salad. I like the shredded lettuce used, the bun was soft and didn’t become soggy with the sauce. I also liked the fact the sauce was situated in the middle of the burger rather than oozing out of the entire thing. My only gripe was the patty – it was skinny and a bit over done (ie, crispy).

The service was great, they came to check on us several times and to refill our glasses – even though we were one of their lasts customers of the night. We were in a bit of a rush to leave because we wanted to catch the last train home – the bill came quickly and we settled and left.

Thanks again Adrian for an awesome night!!!


Since we came during closing time I’d like to come back at normal hours of the day to see what the food is like!



It’s not quite a bar but not quite a restaurant. I love the casual atmosphere since Yaletown isn’t exactly a casual setting.


You can check out their website and menu here.

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