Ah, Meat & Bread. We ‘meat’ at last (corny I know but it’s late!). I’ve heard so many great things about this place and sadly enough, I haven’t had the time to do a review here up until recently.

It seems no matter what time you come here, it’s packed. And that’s fine because they keep the line going fairly well with the way they’re set up.

It’s fantastic that you get to watch your sandwich made before your eyes-I’m not talking Subway made before your eyes but more like fresh ciabatta coming out of the oven, fresh hock of porchetta being peeled and cut before you type of fantastic.

I literally watched the guy take the crispy part off of the porchetta (which by the way is Italian salty pork) and the Filipino in me was drooling (internally of course, it would be unhygienic otherwise). I was hoping he didn’t take it off to throw it away – and thankfully he chopped it up and mixed it in with the rest of the porchetta into my sandwich. He also added a bit of salsa verde – perhaps to give it a pop of colour? Because there’s no way something of ‘nutritional value’ was going into this sandwich! 😉

The Porchetta ($8) is served with a side of mustard but for the most part, I barely touched it. The only time I did was to add bite and mix up the greasy pork taste.

The Porchetta is PACKED with tender pork, some fatty bits and the crispy part! I could barely hold this sandwich together and ended up picking up bits and munching it on their own.

While I’m usually not a big fan of pork – this will be one of my only exceptions, it’s ridiculously good but fairly greasy. I wish I had five napkins to take on this beast.

They also serve one of my favourite kinds of cola – Curiousity Cola, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re in ($3).

My dining partners today were Kathy and Vincent.

Kathy ordered the Grilled Cheese which is served with a side of sambal sauce and mustard.

Vincent ordered the special which was Thai Red Curry (Pemberton Meadows Beef, Daikon & Radish Jicama Slaw, Cilantro Aioli – $8).

Kathy also ordered the Bacon Maple Ice Cream Sandwich ($4) and I actually wish I ordered one too – maybe next time!

If you can get over the fact that your meal is going to be greasy, you’ll enjoy this place.

Since it’s set up in a line, the service is quick here and the staff is friendly.

A lot of people hmm and hah the price and I can see why if it’s your first time here. Keep in mind their meats are free range and local and their bread is local as well.

While I love the rustic look of the restaurant, it was definitely very packed! I hope they can eventually move into a bigger space or open up another restaurant!


Check out their website with daily offerings here: http://meatandbread.ca/
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