For the most part, I don’t like writing bad reviews. Although I would never swear off writing a bad review, I think it’s important for both the restaurant to learn from blips in service and also the reader to take what reviewers write with a grain of salt – meaning just because my experience was bad doesn’t mean yours might be.

That being said, I love Milestones. I love the brunches, I especially love their burgers and how can I say no to a Bellini? Milestones is my go-to place when it comes to big groups of picky people and it’s also a favourite of my dad’s.

I was on my way downtown to do some Christmas shopping when I decided to call my parents to see if they’d want to come around with me. They’re retired so the more opportunities for them to get out of the house – the better! When we met, my dad immediately wanted to go for lunch and being my dad he didn’t beat around the bush when he suggested Milestones right away.

Being at the end of the week and the middle of the afternoon, we thought we could grab some lunch before the dinner rush. When we arrived, we were seated near the window (as my dad asked). Our server was polite and took our order.

(Sorry for the bad picture! Unexpected December sun 😉 )

Our appetizer was the Artichoke and Spinach Dip ($10.99) – which my parents devoured. Since I had gone the evening before to Las Margaritas, I was a little over the whole nachos thing.

Our mains came maybe after 20 minutes after they cleared our appetizer. I ordered brunch: Prime Rib Hash ($13.99) which has sliced prime rib, potato hash, peppers, onion, roasted corn and with two poached eggs covered in hollandaise sauce.

This is one of my favourite – if not my favourite thing to order at Milestones and it’s always done right. I was hoping our server would come by to check on us so I could ask for tabasco sauce and a refill on my water, but she never came.

My parents shared the Californian Burger which is their original burger but with avocado salsa, tomato and bacon on the top. The pictures were hard to take because of the sun, but they got half fries and half salad.

Two servers (one was possibly a manager) came by and said they’d refill our glasses, but they never did.

Finally, another server came over and asked if we were done and so she took our plates and was trying to grab mine when she dropped all the cutlery on my dad!! She apologized and scurried off.

My dad had to try and catch our main server’s attention for the bill for about 5 minutes and when my dad gave her the money, she short changed us by $10. My dad then had to wave her over again and tell her. She didn’t really apologize and just slipped the $10 into the cheque.

I want to think that they’re training people for the busy holiday season, but what a gong show this lunch was! It’s terribly sad to think that the service at MIlestones has gone down considerably – not only at this location but the Burnaby one as well.  I’ve never had a problem at the Yaletown Milestones, so I think I might just stick to that one from now on.

Food is always good at Milestones, you get what you order, no surprises.

Service: 0 forks
Normally the service is pretty good but today was just atrocious.

It’s on par with many places similar to Milestones.




Check out their website here.
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