Adrian Ver is a formally trained chef, foodie and marketing extraordinaire. He has impeccable taste (clearly!) in clothes, dreams of writing about his travels and loves all things social media related. He’s eating his way through the world and has recently began blogging about it (see Epicurious Instinct). He has guest blogged on Gastrofork as well (see Guu & Tokyo Joe’s).

Adrian is one of my favourite people in the world and he willingly let me interview him for his Top 5 Under $10 – in a grocery store!! Hardcore!

1) Miki Sushi (Willingdon near BCIT)– Well, it’s almost $10! When you’re studying for finals they’re open late (Sun-Thurs 10am-10pm, Fri-Sat 10am-11pm –I love how he knew the hours off the top of his head!). Most of the time, I bring food to school but sometimes I want a hot meal. I order the miso soup or sushi with tempura- its a good deal! A box is $8.95.

2) Well Tea (Richmond)–  It’s open late at night, there’s a good selection of food but it gets busy at night. When I’m craving bubble tea at 1am- this is my place to go. I just recently started liking coconut – so I recommend the Coconut Milk Bubble Tea. I don’t normally order food but the last time I went I had chicken nuggets (which were really salty!) and deep fried fish balls.
Well Tea 茶井 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon

3) Cafe Crepe
– It’s everywhere downtown! It’s inexpensive and they serve liquor so you can drink there as well. I love crepes- I dont eat nutella but every time I go with someone they order the nutella banana crepe. I usually order the cinnamon sugar or lemon and sugar crepes or even the hotdog and fries.

4) Diplomat Bakery (Steveston)- It’s this hidden gem no one knows about. Diplomat is very nice both inside and outside the store. It used to be on Number 1 and Moncton, but now it’s moved along London Road by the end of #2 road in a little complex. WAY out in the boonies! It’s definitely a hot spot: a bakery of cakes and pastries and it’s really good! I love their fruit tarts, fruit flans and cheesecake. I don’t normally drink Americanos but it was good there too. The bakery/cafe is quaint and nice. And there is parking in the back!
Diplomat Bakery on Urbanspoon

5) Chez Faye (Yaletown) –
They’ve got pretty much everything here- including Korean food, soups, sandwiches, pastries, paninis, and they do breakfast too! I’ve been here a few times when I was working in the area and I’ve had some of their pastries and lunch. All the items are under $10.
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