On what was the coldest day of 2012, Diana (of foodology.ca) and I decided to brave the winter weather and try out the popular American Cheesesteak Co.. Navigating my way down that area of downtown in subzero temperatures must’ve done a number to my brain, because I walked by it, doh!

Diana soon came to meet me up and we were both happy to get out of the cold. We stood there gawking at the menu for a bit, trying to figure out what to get.

I decided to try the Coppola ($10 – “shaved prime rib, sauteed mushrooms, onions, green peppers, hot banana peppers, house-made roasted tomato sauce and provolone”) and Diana went with Le Bifteck ($10-“shaved prime rib, caramelized onion jam, double-cream brie, arugula and dijon”), we ordered their special ACC fries ($4-tossed with “garlic, parsley and parmesan”) and two bottled pops. We got our fancy number and we sat down.

I was surprised at how empty the place was, but then i remembered people don’t come out of their habitats when it’s freezing!
Finally, our food arrived and boy was I hungry! At first glance, at about 5-6 inches, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to finish. However, it’s not until I bit into the sandwich that I had grossly underestimated just how much steak was in it.

The steak was juicy, buttery and flavourful. The provolone cheese was melted perfectly within the steak. My toppings were sauteed mushrooms, onions, green peppers and hot banana peppers. I love hot banana peppers! The steak underneath was a lot, it was decently sized and fairly heavy. The roll did an excellent job of soaking up the grease and kept my fingers not as greasy as my recent experience at another sandwich shop.

Diana’s looked just as yummy! Check out what she has to say on Foodology!

I got the cowboy ($10- “shaved prime rib, crispy fried onions, homemade spicy bbq sauce, bacon mayo and aged white cheddar”) to go for Brian, it was pretty heavy lugging it back home, but when we opened it, it wasn’t as big as i expected it to be, but i guess since they packaged it up really tight to keep all the stuff in it, it’s smaller in size.

Brian found the cheesesteak to be flavourful but kind of soggy – given how far I had to walk and bus back home, this was probably a factor!

The cheesesteak was really good, there was definitely great flavour to it.

This is more cafe style where you order at the front and they bring it to your table. The cashier was friendly.

For what it’s worth, you get a lot of bang for your buck here – a very densely filled bun of tender juicy meat.

Very clean and neat, someone was always making sure all the tables were clean and the stock at the condiment stands were full.


Check out their website here.
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