I don’t know about you guys, but a lot of menus can be uninspired – the same old chicken, salmon and pasta dish served. My suggestion is to try out places that you wouldn’t normally go to – especially if they’re the super expensive types too. This is probably the best way to utilize the Dine Out experience. I’ve been to my share of horrible dine out places and to be honest, they’re mostly the ones that are $18 and probably just jumped on the train so they could fill seats during this slow season.

In any case, the $28 menus are a safe bet – most have had some thought put into them, but just in case you’re too tired of looking through them all – here are my recommendations for the $28 menus this year:



Hidden Tasting Bar – I went two years ago with my best friend and we both loved it. We both have very different tastes in food, but we found a place we could meet half way on! They have chicken and waffles here and a Toblerone fondue!

Culinaria – Another place I want to check out this year!

Cork & Fin – I haven’t been here, but their menu is a bit different than most: manila clams, cioppino, ceviche, lobster salad. Yum.

The Refinery – I was here for a staff dinner and the food is fantastic! It’s mostly share plates but you can’t go wrong here. Their halibut orzo sounds amazing!

r.tl – I love their menus, it’s always so interesting and never the same old things you find on other Dine Out Menus: cognac pate,mussels and frites, churrasco steak, fessen joon chicken walnut pomegranate sauce, saffron gelato. Need I say more?

The Keg – yes, the Keg. I love the Keg. The prime rib and the steak aint nothin’ to mess with here. The best thing with chain restaurants has got to be the consistency and the fact that they’re used to being busy, so you aren’t waiting an hour for your food.

The Teahouse – I love the view, the quaint restaurant and the fact they have a free shuttle that gets here because not everyone can drive into Stanley Park. I am not a big fan of lamb, but I will recommend it here – it was deliciously made and fall off the bone and buttery.

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What $28 menus are you looking forward in trying this year? What gripes do you have with the Dine Out experience? Let me know below!