So you want to spoil yourself – or maybe impress your date? Or maybe you want to try out that new French place that would cost you an arm or a leg otherwise. In any case, these $38 Dine Out Menus are still affordable and you get to taste some of the great higher end restaurants Vancouver has to offer.





Here are some of my picks off the $38 menu:

Oru Restaurant: I don’t know what it is, but I think it must be the variety here that has me interested. If you’re a little more adventurous the sound of this menu is probably more to your taste: beef shortrib with chimichurri mashed potatoes, coconut and citrus pavlova, caramel praline parfait – they all speak of deliciousness to me.

Hawksworth: Another place I’ve been meaning to try out but maybe when I have more money in my name! The $38 menu doesn’t seem too bad – I’m a bit torn because I want to try out Hawksworth and $38 is fairly affordable but at the same time, I want the actual full Hawksworth experience. What I do like about their menu is the fact they have things like fraser valley pork press, sunshine coast sturgeon, chestnut and truffle casoncelli – I dare you to try and find another menu like this on dine out.

L’Abattoir: They had me at pate. They are also serving duck breast, home made pasta stuffed with braised lamb and most interestingly, an Earl Grey pot de creme.

Miku: I have been dying to try this place out! Their menu is definitely different than all the other dine out menus – everything on it sounds fantastic: aka miso pork, salmon oshi, hamachi aburi, green tea eclair with orange vanilla sauce and yuzu orange sorbet. No need to fly all the way to Japan!

Black + Blue: Asides from being extremely curious about their special Wagyu steak (they massage the cattle, feed it potatoes and beer – I am not even joking – check out their website!) – their dine out menu sounds like a beautiful meal. Double Smoked bacon, fried duck egg, tuna carpaccio truffle aioli, roasted sablefish roasted squash puree, onion tart puff pastry. Mmmm.

What other menus are looking forward to? Are you going to try any of the $38 menus?